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Exploring CBD for Man’s Best Friend

Among all the talk of cannabidiol (CBD) throughout the last several years, it is very likely that some people have heard a certain subject coming up over and over again. This subject is the use of CBD with animals, specifically with dogs. It might seem odd to ever use something that is a cannabinoid with a beloved furry friend. However, there have been plenty of studies that have demonstrated that CBD is not only okay to use with dogs, but it is actually extremely beneficial in most cases. That is why this article is here to explore the various aspects of using wholesale CBD with dogs, including the effects it has on them and the various health symptoms conditions that CBD can treat in them.

Is It Veterinarian Recommended?

Above all else, dog owners tend to trust the opinions of their veterinarians the most. This is for good reason, since these veterinarians have gone through extensive formal education and training to be able to learn how dogs work and what is best for them. So it is totally understandable why individuals would want to know if veterinarians openly recommend that dogs consume CBD. The vast majority of veterinarians have no issue with dogs receiving CBD, with many of them strongly recommending it.

The main reason why dog owners might have a bit of a push back against using CBD is due to it close connection with marijuana. The last thing that these dog owners want to do is accidentally give their furry friend a psychoactive drug and have them become high. Thankfully, broad spectrum CBD comes with no THC within it, which is the psychoactive elements of marijuana. Therefore, dog owners can give their animals CBD without worrying about any hallucinogenic effects.

Reducing Effects of Arthritis

As any dog owner will know, these furry friends can have a wide range of unfortunate health problems throughout their lives, especially as they get older. Luckily, CBD is able to help with a significant portion of these health issues. One example of a symptom of that CBD can help dogs cope with is arthritis.

Unfortunately, not even dogs are immune to the crippling effects of serious arthritis. Dogs have joints that are very similar to the ones that humans have and are just as susceptible to experiencing severe inflammation. This inflammation is what causes arthritis to occur, which leads to the dog experiencing varying degrees of pain throughout those affected joints. If this gets bad enough they can even affect their ability to do normal things like running or even walking.


If a dog suffering from arthritis is given CBD, then it will have its pain reduced by quite a bit thanks to CBD’s pain relieving qualities. On top of that, there is also the ability for CBD to reduce the level of information with the dog’s body. So while CBD likely will not completely heal a dog’s case of arthritis, it can help to significantly reduce the negative effects of it.

Preventing Seizures

One of the scariest things that a dog can suffer from is regular seizures. There are not many known treatments for dealing with this kind of health issue, but luckily high levels of CBD have been known to be able to help dogs deal with this kind of problem. While CBD alone is not usually enough to completely get rid of seizures, it is usually enough to significantly reduce the frequency at which they occur.

Regaining Appetite

In many ways, a dog losing their appetite is a lot like the check engine light coming on in a vehicle. It is not clear what the root issue is, but regardless of what it is, there is no doubt that it is bad. When a dog becomes noticeably less interested in eating, it is usually a sign that they are experiencing some kind of nausea. One of the ways in which owners can help their dogs deal with this kind of issue is to give them some CBD. One of the many benefits of CBD is that it is able to alleviate many different kinds of digestive issues or other nausea related problems within the canine.

Battles Against Cancer

While cancer occurs in dogs far more often than it does in canines, that does not mean that they are immune to it. Unfortunately, there are many dogs who are diagnosed with cancer every single year. These unlucky pets are forced to undergo various treatments and surgeries which are both physically and emotionally taxing on the animal. When a dog is dealing with cancer, they will often show a lot of the previously mentioned symptoms of frequent nausea, chronic pain, and the possible loss of appetite.


Luckily, some more recent studies have suggested that CBD may actually be able to help prevent or kill cancer in a variety of ways. One of the ways in which it supposedly does this is through the killing of the cancer cells themselves. This helps to allow the immune system to heal itself faster than the cancer cells are able to spread. CBD also helps with this process by being able to stop the cancer cells from producing energy to feed off of.


While CBD will not deliver these results every single time, there have been a fair amount of cases where it has happened. At the very least, CBD has been proven to help provide some much needed pain relief for dogs who are suffering from cancer. Since this is a very painful time, large doses of CBD can help the animal feel more comfortable during this time of suffering.

Eliminates Anxiety

Anyone who has ever been forced to deal with anxiety knows the emotional toll that it takes on a person. Unfortunately, some pets have been known to suffer from anxiety as well. No dog owner would ever wish this upon their furry friend, which is why many of them turn towards CBD to help their dog deal with their anxiety. The part of CBD that is able to help reduce the effects of anxiety is the relaxing stimulant that it contains. With the proper amount of dosage every day, a dog will become noticeably less anxious.