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Myths about CBD

There is a growing trend in the health and beauty industry that involves cannabidiol or CBD. It seems like it can be found in everything, from lotions to pills to oils. While the popularity of this product increases, so do the misconceptions and myths about it.

Understanding what cannabidiol is or isn’t can be confusing. Below are some of the myths that exist with wholesale CBD and the truth behind the information.

Myth #1: Cannabidiol is actually medical marijuana

In reality, cannabidiol is not medical marijuana. There are three different parts of within the industry that are used: cannabis, hemp, and marijuana, and these are often confused with one another. They may come from similar plants, but they are different.

Cannabis refers to a plant family that has many different species. The hemp and medical cannabis strains are part of this family.

Hemp is a cannabis plant that is grown for its low THC levels.

During WWII, the hemp plant contributed greatly to the war effort. Many products were produced from the plant, and the industry thrives in many parts of the world. It is illegal to grow hemp plants in most of the U.S., but this is where cannabidiol comes from.

Cannabidiol has little, if any, THC levels in it. It has therapeutic but non-intoxicating effects. When people take this substance, they don’t get the high they would get from taking marijuana with THC in it.

Medical cannabis is a plant that is grown for various THC levels. It is used for both medical and recreational means, and it’s only legal in a handful of states in the U.S.

When it comes to THC, this is the substance in the plant that gives people a euphoric or “high” feelings. Not all cannabis plants are grown for this substance. In fact, hemp plants have very little, if any, THC in them, and yet they can still be incredibly useful. They can be used to create fibers for clothing and other material products, as well as created rope.

Myth #2: Cannabidiol is a psychoactive drug

Since cannabidiol contains such small amounts of THC, taking it will not make a person feel high, and the products don’t have any psychoactive or intoxicating properties. Even when taken in high quantities, people usually only feel relaxed and calm. Cannabidiol does not have the same impact as medical marijuana, and that is why it is used in lotions and other beauty products.

Myth #3: Cannabidiol is illegal

As mentioned, the hemp industry is a thriving industry in places around the world. It is not grown in the U.S., but it is imported to create a variety of different products. Because it is important, there are many regulations on the plant, including the levels of THC it can have. The vast majority of strains that are brought into the U.S. have incredibly low levels of THC that they are safe to use for many different products.

In all but a handful of states in the U.S., possessing products that contain THC is illegal, but this is a completely separate substance than cannabidiol. In some places, CBD oil might be illegal, but this may change in the near future and will the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. If a person is unsure if having the oil is against the law, then doing some research and finding out can be beneficial.

Hemp products are not the same as medical marijuana. Due to the regulations on these plants, having products that contain cannabidiol are not illegal. However, each state might be slightly different in how they define this substance, so if a person wants to know for sure if their products are against the law, they need to do some research to find out.

Myth #4: Cannabidiol is not safe

In many places, the use of hemp cannabidiol has been approved and recommended by a variety of different healthy organizations. The World Health Organization concluded in 2017 that cannabidiol is safe, and the World Anti-Doping Agency removed it from its list of prohibited substances in 2018.

There have been two medications approved by the FDA that treat epilepsy that contain cannabidiol, and many state legislators also approve various levels of cannabidiol oil to treat epilepsy. While more research is needed, the few studies that have been conducted have found that there are not significant side effects that come from the use of cannabidiol, even when taken in high doses.

When it comes to any substance, how a person will react will depend on their individual makeup and how they are taking the product. If they are using in ways that aren’t recommended, the chances of something bad happening increases. However, if they are using the product correctly, it can be an incredibly safe and helpful product to use.

The popularity of cannabidiol has been growing recently, and the drive is because people are looking for a natural way to deal with their ailments. Since this product has very few side effects, it is preferable to take it to deal with things such as pain and anxiety and not have to worry about side effects that often come with prescriptions drugs.

There are a variety of other products that contain cannabidiol or are made from hemp, and they are both sustainable and durable. There are many myths that surround the use of cannabidiol, and knowing how it is different from medical marijuana is beneficial. They may come from the same family of plants, but they are two different substances.

Cannabidiol is used in many different items, from beauty products to medicine, and it doesn’t produce the same high feeling that THC does, but it has some beneficial properties. As more research is conducted and people understand this substance better, don’t be surprised to see even more products come onto the market. This can be a great thing, and it can be a natural way for a person to take care of themselves and their ailments.