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How to Start a CBD Retail Business – Part 1: Products

When the federal government legalized the growing and selling of hemp in December of last year, it opened up a huge potential industry. Hemp is an incredibly versatile product, which can be used for all sorts of different applications, from farming to manufacturing and more. But not only that, the new law also opens the door for hemp-based CBD, and a wide of CBD products.

As more and more states allow CBD to be bought and sold, and stores even make them available on their shelves, it’s a great opportunity for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to get in on the ground floor of an industry that’s only going to keep growing. So how do you start your own CBD retail business? It’s not an easy task, and there are a number of factors to consider. Let’s begin with the basics: products you can sell. Here are a few of the most popular types of products on the market that contain CBD.

Pain Relief Products

One of the things that CBD is best at is relieving pain. For that reason, cannabis is legal with a prescription in more places than it is without one. However, where CBD is legal, there are plenty of over the counter pain products available.

In particular, there are a variety of topical products containing CBD that can help relieve things like joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, and general soreness. These products include creams, balms, salves, and even sprays, that can be applied to the affected area and facilitate pain relief.

In some states, CBD can also be purchased in pill form. However, pain relief pills fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, which still does not allow any CBD products. Therefore, anything consumable is not covered by the federal law.

The legal issues in general can be a bit complex when it comes to CBD. Even though it’s been legalized at the federal level, there are still only certain state laws that permit it. And different states have different regulations for exactly how it’s allowed to be used and sold, how much THC is allowed, and more. Do your research for your particular area, in order to figure out which products you can sell, and which ones might give you problems.

Beauty and Skin Care Products

In addition to pain relief, there’s a wide range of beauty products that contain CBD. For one thing, it’s thought to be useful in reducing acne. As such, CBD skin care products have become a major trend lately. That includes lotions, moisturizing creams, lip balms, oils, and even bars of soap.

Some say that CBD can also improve your skin in general, so there are products that moisturize, exfoliate, reduce redness and puffiness, and much more. There’s also CBD makeup available. It’s used instead of beeswax in certain mascaras, to create lash volume. Not to mention, CBD sleep masks, wrinkle cream, bath bombs… the possibilities are virtually limitless.

These are just a few of the products that you can sell. To decide which ones are right for your business, ask yourself what kind of service you want to provide for your customers. Do you want to be a general supplier of CBD products, or would you rather have a niche? Do you want to sell high quality beauty products? Exotic skin care solutions? Low cost (but effective) pain relief? Once you know what it is you want to give your customers, focus on the products that will help you provide that.

But where do you go to buy your CBD products? How do you find a reputable supplier, and what do you need to look for? We’ll cover that in our next installment of How to Start a CBD Retail Business, entitled, Finding Suppliers.


Which States Will Legalize Cannabis Next?

By now, you’ve probably heard the news. On June 25th, Illinois passed legislation to legalize recreational cannabis for adults. It’s the 11th state (plus Washington D.C.) to pass such a law, and the first to do so through the state legislature, rather than by popular vote. Not only that, but anyone who had previously been convicted of marijuana-related crimes will have their records expunged.

So who’s going to be next? There are a few top contenders. Here are the states that are poised to legalize cannabis soon.

  • An initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio is being considered to go on the ballot in November of this year. It’s not the first time citizens have voted on the issue, though. In 2015, a measure to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use was voted down. If it does indeed go before the voters again, though, there’s a distinct possibility that cannabis might be legalized in Ohio before the year is out.
  • Arizona also failed to pass an initiative to legalize cannabis a few years ago. However, it failed by a much smaller margin than the measure in Ohio. Now there’s talk of voting on the issue again in 2020. A lot has changed in this country since 2016, when the original measure was put forward, including the legalization of hemp and CBD by the federal government, as well as the legalization of cannabis by a number of other states. It’s becoming more and more accepted. So if Arizona votes on the issue again, there’s a good chance it will pass this time.
  • The Sunshine State legalized cannabis for medical use in 2016, and it’s been fairly widespread there ever since. In fact, a number of other states, including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Arizona, accept medical marijuana cards issued in Florida in their own dispensaries. Even so, though, recreational cannabis use is still prohibited in Florida—for now. A number of groups are working to get legalization on the ballot by next year. Whether or not the measure succeeds, remains to be seen.
  • New Jersey. It nearly happened for New Jersey in March of this year. There was legislation being discussed for cannabis legalization, but unfortunately, it failed to get the support it needed in the state legislature. A number of key people ended up opposing the bill due to some disagreements with how it was written and some of the provisions it contained. If the bill could be rewritten to gain bipartisan support, it could pass in 2020.
  • New York. The story here is very similar to the one in New Jersey. The New York state legislature had plans to include recreational cannabis legalization in the budget, but disagreements over the implications caused the idea to be nixed.

At the moment, these are the states that seem most likely to legalize recreational cannabis within the next year and a half or so. However, anything can happen in that time. Another state might introduce legislation, or a ballot measure, completely out of left field, and overtake all of them. We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. But hopefully, within a few years, all 50 states will allow the free use of cannabis, without penalties or restrictions.


CBD Oil Options

After doing some research and learning about cannabidiol, a person might finally decide they are ready to try the product. This can be a great choice to help them with a variety of different ailments and issues, but they may be unsure of where to start.

There are many different products available that contain wholesale CBD, and finding the right one might take some more research. In the end, which product a person chooses will depend on what they are treating and how they prefer to take this substance. Experience level will also play a role, and the more comfortable and experienced they get, they may change which product they take. Below are some of the different forms of cannabidiol and why a person might consider using these for their issues.

Softgels and Capsules

These can be used by practically everyone, but they may be a good choice for beginners. The cannabidiol comes in pre-portioned amounts, so a person knows exactly how much they are taking with each pill. These are easy for a person to add to their daily vitamin or medical regimen.

If a person takes one of these options but finds that the amount of cannabidiol isn’t enough, it’s easy to supplement with other forms of cannabidiol, including tinctures or sprays. For a person to find out exactly how much they’ll need to take, they should start with small doses and increase from there, keeping track of how they feel along the way. Once they find the dosage that works for them, then they can continue to take this however often they need to.


These are also known as drops, and they have been designed to be placed directly under the tongue or on the cheek. From there, the cannabidiol is easily absorbed into the body and can get into the bloodstream directly. Unlike the pills, this doesn’t come in pre-portioned amounts, and a person will have to determine how many drops are beneficial. Again, it is recommended that a person starts with a low dose and build from there.

Tinctures can come in a variety of different flavors to make them more pleasant to take. They can also come unflavored, making them ideal to add to beverages to be ingested into the body.

Cannabidiol can also come in a spray form, which is another way for a person to take the substance easily and conveniently. This could be a great from or the substance for beginners because it comes in a low-concentration form. As a person is looking for their ideal dosage, they can build on the amount of spray they take until the find the right amount. Sprays can also come in many different flavors.


This is a topical product that is applied directly to a person’s skin where it is absorbed. When it comes to this product, there isn’t a recommended dosage because the product doesn’t get into the bloodstream like it does with the other forms. This also means that a person can use this more freely, if they so choose.

In general, balms are used for both their moisturizing properties and to promote relaxation. Again, since this product doesn’t find its way into the bloodstream, a person can use this as often as they would like. It can be a great thing for beginners and experts alike.

Concentrated Oral Applicators

This product is designed for the experienced user. It doesn’t have any additives included with it, so there are no flavors, sweeteners, or carriers included. It is a liquid that is placed under the tongue or onto the cheek. In many cases, this product was designed with the purist in mind, and it delivers an unadulterated product that can be used for many different ailments.


More often than not, this form is often associated with marijunan, which differs from cannabidiol because of its intoxicating substances. However, there are edibles that contain cannabidiol, and they can be a way for a person to get the substance in their body in an easy to take form.

The only drawback to this product is that they may not be formulated properly, which means that a person will get varying levels of cannabidiol with each edible. They can also have a lot of additives, including sugar or fats, which aren’t necessarily good for a person’s body.


This is a newer product that is finding its way onto the market, and it is a more complex delivery method to get cannabidiol into a person’s system. However, it can be a good way for people who are looking for a way to dose over a long period of time. In some cases, these can last for up to 96 hours.

These are like balms in that they are applied to a person’s skin. However, this product has higher concentrations of cannabidiol, and it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This product may be a good choice for an experienced user.


Another way a person can get cannabidiol into their system in through vaping. The downsides to this method include the fact that a person will have to invest in getting a vaporizer, which could end up costing quite a bit in the long run, and the fact that vaporizers vary in quality. It may be possible that some of the cheaper options contain contaminants, including chemicals, which can be harmful if inhaled. This method also isn’t discrete, which may make some people leary about using it.

Finding the Right Delivery Method

Every person is different, which means that they’ll need different levels of cannabidiol to help them feel better from their ailments. They may also have a preference for how they like to take this substance. There are many different delivery methods available, so a person may have to try a few different kinds until they find the one that works for them.

As mentioned, to find the right dosage, it’s recommended that a person starts with the lowest dose and build from there. They should keep track of how the cannabidiol makes them feel so that they know what their ideal amount is.